Custom Aircraft Cabinets Branching Out with AeroProtect™ Partnership

“Custom Aircraft Cabinets Branching Out with AeroProtect™ Partnership”

AeroProtect™ – Defense Shield for Cabin Interior Components

Sherwood, AR, August 15, 2015…Custom Aircraft Cabinets (CAC), and Onsite Fire Protection Services, Int’l (OFPSI), have entered into a partnership to provide the market with high-quality, cost-effective solutions for the cabin interiors market.  CAC, manufacturers of high-quality cabinetry and upholstered products for high-end aircraft interiors, and OFPSI, a customer-focused, solutions-based company introduce a patented new line of “cover and protect” products called AeroProtect™.  It is a water-based product line is specifically designed to shield aircraft interior components like furniture, carpet, fabrics and plating from damage during the production, shipping and installation in the aircraft cabin, leaving no residue. It is an ideal replacement for generally ineffective conventional protection products currently used. The objective is to help customers reduce costs and improve delivery times. 

Liquid Protection - This low-VOC, easy-to-apply product is available in spray-on or roll-on applications, both of which dry into a highly durable, “breathe-able” vinyl film coating in minutes to protect cabinets, tables, paneling, ultra-leather and other interior components from dust, scratching, shipping and completion process damage. Once the task is complete, the film is easily removable, leaving behind no residue and having no adverse effect on component flammability characteristics.  Additionally, there is a universal liquid product designed specifically for acrylic surfaces such as windows, windshields and mirrors, ideal for total protection during interior completion or refurbishment.

Film Protection – This low-adhesive product is specifically designed for elegant carpets and delicate fabrics within the aircraft cabin.  The film for carpets protects not only from heavy foot traffic, but also from spills, abrasions, dirt and even ink. The customer easily peels off the film at the conclusion of the project, and the carpet is as pristine as the day it was installed. Fabric film serves the same purpose, and like the carpet film leaves no residue and has no adverse effect on the component flammability characteristics.

OFPSI chose Custom Aircraft Cabinets as partners in marketing AeroProtect™ because of CAC’s 26 years of experience in the cabin interiors market, and the successful relationships developed with decision-makers in the market.  Ian Buchanan, a founding partner of OFPSI stated, “We’re pleased to be associated with a company whose products represent such high standards of craftsmanship and customer dedication.”  He continued, “We believe their deep experience qualifies them to spread the word on AeroProtect™ innovation to their aircraft interiors partners and contacts.”

CAC Co-owners Mike Gueringer and Paul Reesnes stated, “At CAC, uncompromised quality in our delivered products and services is first and foremost. This AeroProtect™ product line not only improves the CAC delivered product, it gives us the unique opportunity to make our customers’ difficult and demanding task easier. They added, “Plainly, costly rework during the installation of interior products is a huge burden on the success of each completion project.  These products reduce removal and rework cost tremendously, providing much better protection than similar conventional products now used.”


Since 1989, CAC has been manufacturing and delivering superb quality, custom furniture and upholstered products for high-end aircraft cabin interiors.  Working over the years with various OEM’s and completion centers, CAC has become known for exceptional quality both in product delivery and after-sales service.

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Originally Onsite Fire Protection Services International, OFPSI was founded in 2009 and is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. OFPSI is dedicated to protecting the profitability of aircraft interior work, reducing labor and material costs and improving productivity for manufacturers, suppliers, completion centers and constructors that outfit aircraft interiors. With products and services that reduce FAA flammability testing failures and improve safety as well as unique new coverings that protect adjacent components during work projects, the company continually seeks ways to transform the industry with new techniques and updated methodologies. For more information visit

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