North Little Rock, AR…September 1, 2021 – Custom Aircraft Cabinets is expanding the metal fabrication department to better serve an ever-increasing customer base. With the objective of increased accuracy, speed, and repeatability, CAC added a state-of-the-art Mitsubishi CNC brake press and a Loewer Swing Grinder in 2020.  Now CAC has announced the addition of the Haas VF10 3-Axis Vertical Milling Machine. This equipment provides greater overall capability, and raises the bar for improved efficiencies, through-put and overall flow time.   

 The Haas VF10 is 4-axis capable, and it gives CAC the enhanced ability to machine parts up to 118”, a big increase from the previous maximum length of 48”. Internally, the CAC team has designed and implemented a custom “Quick-Change” sub-plate system with integrated locating and work-holding features to accept fixtures and machine vises.  

“This addition to our metal fabrication department provides us the unique ability to more efficiently machine extrusions and precision metal parts for various aerospace customers,” said Paul Reesnes, Co-Owner.  “Now with our new integrated fabrication arrangement we can cross-utilize fixturing among all of our VF machines because the tooling is interchangeable.”

Mike Gueringer, Co-Owner further added, “Our main goal is to optimize efficiencies in an effort to better serve our customer base, and the features of the new machine make us more efficient on small diameter parts tooling.  In a recent instance, we transferred machined parts from our two Thermwood flatbed CNC routers to the VF10.  In this particular case, we were able to deliver the parts early to our customer.”   

Custom Aircraft Cabinets is known for superior quality in cabinetry and upholstery, and the metal fabrication department matches that quality and on-time delivery.  The continuous improvement plans at CAC remain as top priority and are designed for ultimate customer satisfaction.