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AeroProtect™ masking films and coatings revolutionize the way aircraft interior production teams cover and protect components and fixtures, significantly cutting the time and labor required for conventional wrapping and taping techniques. The low VOC water-based coatings and films protect in ways that conventional techniques cannot, and remove with less effort and lower risk of damage from residue or aggressive adhesives.

Liquid Protection

Easily applied AeroProtect in liquid form reduces labor time and costs substantially over traditional protection methods because it can be painted or sprayed onto recently finished cabinets, tables, paneling and other aircraft components. Soon after application, it dries to a resilient flexible vinyl-like coating. When the job is complete, AeroProtect peels off by hand with little effort, zero residue and no adverse affect on flammability characteristics of the components. AeroProtect spray comes in three basic formulas.

AeroProtect Pro 

AeroProtect Pro formulas are a unique innovation that permit finished surfaces to “breathe” or off-gas and cure normally while shielded from incidental damage. They can be used effectively on a wide variety of surfaces, with the exception of Plexiglas® and Lucite® and polycarbonate materials like Lexan®, Tuffak®, Makrolon® and Polygal.® The molecular properties of each are such that the combination can cause permanent binding over time.

AeroProtect Pro Plus

AeroProtect Pro Plus can be safely used on most any surface but was formulated for compatability with polycarbonate plastics used in aircraft windows, mirrors, fixtures and fittings

Durable, Flexible Film

Non-adhesive AeroProtect Pro offers the same breathable protection as its liquid counterpart. It’s literally the same product. Where the liquid is painted on wet, the film version is applied dry from a transfer backing. Pro is ideal for cabinets and other painted and finished furnishings. Cut out pieces of this film can also be applied over latches then sprayed over with the Pro liquid for complete protection without risk of the liquid seeping into the moving parts of the latch.

AeroProtect Film for Carpet

Another film with a mild adhesive was specifically designed with the strength to defend wool and wool-blend carpet from heavy foot traffic and dropped items.

AeroProtect Film for Fabric

A third, with somewhat less aggressive adhesive, was created for more delicate fabrics, silk carpeting and vulnerable wall coverings, holding fast in vertical applications.

AeroProtect films and liquid are tinted blue (Pro) and green (Pro Plus) for unmistakable identification. Optionally, Pro can be ordered without tint.


Both AeroProtect Protective Film and the AeroProtect Liquid products are classified a Class II Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste and may be disposed of according to local, city and state regulations or it may be recycled back into the plastics industry.

Proceed with Caution

As with any product or substance you introduce into your materials and processes specifications, test AeroProtect products on non-production samples of the surfaces you plan to protect. Consult with Custom Aircraft Cabinets on your plans for applying the products. Different AeroProtect liquids and films were developed for specific surfaces and can cause significant damage if used incorrectly

AeroProtect liquids and film are products of OFPSI, Plano, Texas. AeroProtect is distributed by Custom Aircraft Cabinets, Little Rock, Arkansas. Contact CAC at 501.955.6500.