Lee Tallents, Supervisor

2002 brought an infiltration of the English to CAC when Lee came on board as a major cabinet builder. A welcome addition to the family, Lee promoted his way up to Lead, and then Supervisor in 2009. No stranger to the aviation industry, he started his career straight out of high school (which is 16 years of age in England) when he was offered an apprenticeship with British Aerospace in 1989. Lee finished college by the time he turned twenty, earning Diplomas in Aeronautical Engineering and Aircraft Cabinetry. He went on to have a distinguished career with companies around the world, like Jet Aviation in Basel, Switzerland and Shannon Aerospace in Ireland, Aircraft Interior Technologies in Central Arkansas, before landing at CAC.

Born in Manchester, England, but raised on the coast of North Wales, Lee is also no stranger to fishing. This devoted fisherman has been baiting and angling every chance he gets since the time he could hold his own fishing rod. His family may have captured his heart, but here in Arkansas, the Red and White Rivers now hold a special place in it too.